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Our Strategy


Management’s current niche area of operations is Western Pennsylvania.  Our team has over 40 years of experience in drilling, completing, acquiring and operating oil and gas wells. Our team is focused on taking a very conservative approach in its initial stages of development to build a solid positive cash flow.   


First America Energy's strategy is to acquire properties with established production and potential for improvement on verified reserves. Prospective acquisition candidates are characterized by predictable decline curves and demonstrated stability in production. We focus on high reserve-to-production ratios, reducing sensitivity to short-term WTI price volatility.


Our management and operations structure is designed to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. By identifying, acquiring and developing these properties and projects in known producing areas, we believe it’s the best way for us to generate value and to grow the business within our niche operating area.  Our experience has taught us that mature, stable assets provide long-term value that can be extended over time. Management’s strategy includes but is not limited to the following:



1.     Establish a solid cash flow from low-risk oil and gas projects.

2.     Operate and rework existing wells on leases acquired.

3.     Seek additional leases and/or drilling prospects with low risk, in-field drilling.

4.     Purchase existing production on un-drilled locations.

5.     Pursue strategic acquisitions with significant oil & gas potential to joint venture.

6.     Focus on the right opportunities that are scalable and aligned with our vision.

7.     Target assets with 5-­10 MMBOE of un-­risked net recoverable resource potential.



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