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At First America Energy, we believe energy is freedom. Our goal is to contribute to the security of our nation, create jobs and help maintain the competitive position of the United States in the global marketplace.



First America Energy is a private energy resource company, dedicated to building shareholder value through cash flow from oil and gas production primarily focused in Western Pennsylvania.  Currently we own leases on 2300 acres with 12 wells acquired from Catalyst Energy, plus 200 new drill sites located on our Independence Field with recoverable reserves of 11,000,000 Barrels of high grade crude in Lewis Run, Pennsylvania. 


As an independent energy company, we take the responsibility for all our stakeholders to provide exemplary health, safety, and environmental processes that exceed what is expected.


Our commitment to the environment includes direct cooperation with appropriate government agencies who we treat as our partners, not our adversary’s. Our goal is to continue raising the bar regarding environmental performance standards on soil, water, waste and air emissions. Health, safety, and the environment will always be among our highest priorities. 

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